Combi Bed Fresno

Combi bed Fresno, from Cabino, is a super handy and practical combination crib. It is a crib, chest of drawers and wardrobe in one! Because it has multiple functions in a compact format, the combi bed is also very suitable for smaller baby rooms.

This beautiful 3-in-1 bed offers you all the conveniences of a complete baby room, but in a compact size. The Fresno combi bedstead is finished in sleek white and therefore fits into any interior.
The bed base of the sleeping area is adjustable in height. You can then easily adjust the height according to the wishes of your child. The changing table on the side of the bed has two doors with 2 wide shelves and an extra storage compartment, so you can neatly store your child's clothes and you have all your things quickly at hand. Crib Fresno also has enough room to change, dress or wash your child.
The bars are at a safe distance from each other. This means that the Fresno combi bed meets all safety requirements and that is of course so pleasant!

Combi crib Fresno: 181 x 70 x 95 cm (LxDxH)
Mattress size: 60 x 120 cm
Available in the color(s):               

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