Swing Dreamy

The Born Lucky Bouncer Dreamy Electric has a unique rocking movement that gives your child a wonderful cradle. You place your child easily and safely in the Dreamy and will then relax. You can even operate this electric bouncer with the included remote control, ideal for lulling your little one to sleep. If there is no power outlet nearby, you can also connect the baby bouncer to a power bank via USB!

This handy bouncer perfectly mimics rocking movements and has no less than 5 different swing positions to reassure your child.

The Dreamy bouncer has a built-in speaker and via the Led touch panel menu you can set soothing music and the speed. Easily connect the Dreamy to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth to play your child's favorite music!

This sturdy electric bouncer can be used from birth up to 15kg.

The seat is extra comfortable for your child and made of super soft velor, the play arch is included as standard so that your little one can also play nicely in the bouncer.


- Unique rocking movement
- 5 different swing positions
- LED touch panel and remote control
- Equipped with built-in speaker.
- Bluetooth connection to connect phone or tablet
- Music via USB, phone or built-in music
- Built-in timer of 8, 15 or 30 minutes
- Can be connected via power supply or power bank
- Made from aviation aluminum
- Can be used from birth up to 15 kg.
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