Carseat Ultra 360

With the XAdventure Ultra car seat you are all set for a safe and comfortable car ride. The car seat is suitable from birth to an age of approximately 4 years and grows with your child. The seat can be rotated 360 degrees so you can easily put your child in the car.

The XAdventure Ultra is a group 0 + 1 car seat (0-18 kg) and can be used from birth to approximately 4 years. For group 0 (0-13 kg) you place the seat against the direction of travel and for group 1 (9-18 kg) you place it in the direction of travel.


Safety has also been considered. The car seat is easily and very securely secured using the Isofix system. The Ultra 360 comes with an Isofix base with support leg. This support leg provides extra stability and provides extra protection in the event of a collision.

In terms of safety, the XAdventure Ultra 360 meets all conditions. The car seat is suitable for rearward transport and meets the latest safety advice to transport a species backwards as long as possible. In addition, the seat has a 5-point safety belt with comfortable belt protector and large side cushions that offer optimal protection in side impacts.


For optimal comfort, the car seat can be adjusted to various sitting and reclining positions, including a comfortable sleeping position. The adjustable headrest offers extra support to the head, and the seat reducer ensures that the car seat grows with your child.


- Group 0 + 1 car seat (0-18 kg, 0 to about 4 years)
- Suitable from birth to 4 years
- Seat can pivot for easy entry and exit
- Different sitting and lying positions
- Isofix Base with support leg
- Optimal side protection
- 5-point safety belt
- Adjustable headrest
- Comfortable seat belt pads
- Including comfortable infant insert, to be used from birth
- Approved according to the ECE-R44 standard
- Weight: 9.9 kg
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