Booster Seat Topo

With the Bebies First booster seat with isofix Topo Black, your child travels comfortably and safely. Thanks to the isofix mounting system, installing the Bebies First booster seat Topo is safer, easier and faster than other booster seats without isofix. You can use the booster seat with isofix as soon as your child is 125 cm tall.

You attach the Bebies First booster seat Topo easily and safely in the car using isofix and the seat belt. First you attach the isofix hooks in the isofix anchoring points in the car. This ensures that the booster seat is secured in the car and cannot come loose from the rear seat. Then you use the seat belt to secure your child. It is important that the seat belt runs neatly over the child's shoulder and that the hip part of the belt runs through the hips. This encourages an ergonomic posture and ensures a safe and comfortable journey. Moreover, your child can look outside. This makes traveling not only comfortable, but also a lot of fun!


- Faster, easier and safer mounting in the car thanks to isofix;
- Suitable for children from 125 cm (22 - 36 kg);
- Compact size, making it possible to install two or three booster seats in the rear seat;
- Light in weight and therefore easy to carry;
- Approved according to the ECE 44/04 safety standard.
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