Car Seat Xtravel

The car seat is developed for children of around 0-18 k and 9-18 kg (group 0 + 1). Thanks to this long life use and the height-adjustable shoulder straps is the car seat suitable for children aged from 0 months to around 4 years. The seat is placed against the direction of travel when using 0-13 kg. Proven is that this way of transporting 80% safer than a car seat facing forward. As soon as the child weighs 9kg and likes to watch the car seat can be placed facing forward.

- Car seat group 0 + 1 (0-18 kg 9-18 kg) from birth to about 4 years
- Three comfortable sitting and sleeping positions
- Soft and anatomically shaped seat
- Comfortable side supports for the head
- With 5-point restraint system
- Easy to attach through the 3-point car seat belt
- Belt hooks for optimal belt guiding
- The cloth and pads are removable and washable
- Tested and approved according to ECE R 44/04 (strict European standards)
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