Combibed Sandy

Combibed Sandy is a super convenient combination bed, consisting of a bed frame, chest of drawers and clothes locker in one, ideal for small rooms!

Features Combibed Sandy:
-Dimensions: 164 x 72 x 100 cm (LxDxH)
-Material: Foil covered MDF
-The bottom of the bed can be adjusted in different heights and the bars are at a safe distance from each other
-The size of the mattress which fits in the bed is 60 x 120 cm
-On the table at the side of the bed is a foldable changing table with which has sufficient space to be able to wash and change you baby
-To the side is a drawer unit with 4 small drawers under the changing table which is useful to store all clothing and care products for your child
-The drawer unit including changing table can be mounted left or right
-To the end of the chest of drawers is also a small closet with a door
-In the wardrobe there is a rod to hang clothes of your baby
-Under the bed is a drawer to store more stuff
-Combibed Sandy meets all safety requirements
-Also available in white with grey!

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