Car Seat Rotate 360 Inky Jade

The X-Adventure car seat Rotate 360 Fix Inky Jade is a group 0 + 1 car seat and is suitable for children from 0 – 18 km (birth up to 4 years).

The car seat is easy to install in the car thanks to the integrated IsoFix system. In combination with the support leg are you sure that the car seat safely and securely in your car has been confirmed. The color indicator shows if you have installed the car seat correctly.

With the X-Adventure car seat Rotate 360 Fix will default to a safe and comfortable seat reducer. So is the car seat all suitable for use from birth.

Once your child is 60 cm (approximately 4 months) you can easily remove this.
Children up to 2 years can best be carried backward for better protection of the head and neck.
When your child is large enough to forward transport (from 13 km), turn it 180 ° around and can easily seat your child along with the direction of travel. So you can still use the car seat until your child weighs 18 km (about 4 years).

Unique to this car seat is that it has 360 ° swivel seat and use it optimizes. When your seat 90 ° turns, to the doorway, you can put your child in the car seat. So you don't have to awkwardly over the Chair back to hang your little one well in the Chair.

The handy belt hooks keep the belt for you aside. The belt height is automatically adjusted, when the headrest is adjusted. Of course, the belt length also.

Obviously the car seat extensively tested according to the highest safety standards.

- Group 0 + 1 car seat.
- Suitable for children from 0 – 18 kg (birth to approximately 4 years)
- IsoFix installation system.
- Indicators for correct installation with IsoFix and support leg.
- 360 ° swivel seat.
- Suitable for both backward as forward transport:
- Backward transport suitable from birth about 2 years.
- Forward transport suitable from 13 kg to around 4 years.
- Includes headhugger for extra comfort for the newborns.
- 4 sleep States at forward and backward transport.
- Headrest in 7 adjustable positions.
- 5-point safety harness.
- Belt height automatically adjusts when headrest is stumped.
- Removable and washable cover.
- Very comfortable car seat with extra soft lining.
- Compact design, allowing car seat fits in smaller cars.
- ECE R44/04 standard meets the high.
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