Sidebed Comfort Care

Designed to make sleeping more comfortable with your baby. This handy cradle can easily be attached to your bed. You can also adjust the height to your bed level and lock the crib in place with the swivel wheels. The crib is suitable for babies from 0 to 6 months, with a maximum weight of 9 kg. This cradle can also be attached to a half-sloping position in order to promote digestion, to breathe better and to prevent post-meal regurgitation.
Easy to assemble. It is adjustable in 5 positions. You can also use the cradle separately. The cradle is foldable. As soon as the children are able to roll over, you have to go over to a larger cradle or to a cot.

- Easy assemble and disassemble
- 5 positions adjustable in height
- Anti-slip support feet
- Upholstery can be removed and washed
- Suitable from birth to 9 kg
- Size: 85 x 102 x 69 cm
- Weight: 9.2 kg
- Material: polyester, aluminum, steel and plastic
- Facilitates breastfeeding at night
- Anti-reflux tilt adjustment for newborns
- Safety belts around the bed of the parents
- Screen and side opening
- Super soft mattress
- Approved according to standard EN 1130-1 and EN 1130-2
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