Carseat Revolution 360

The X-Adventure Revolution car seat can turn 360 °! So you no longer have to squeeze into difficult turns to put your child comfortably in the car seat. He simply turns towards you! Easy and comfortable for parent and child. At the car seat is a seat reducer which makes the car seat suitable for use from birth to no less than 6 years.
The X-Adventure Revolution is a group 0/1/2 car seat (0-25 kg) and can therefore be used from birth to about 6 years. For group 0 (0-13 kg), place the seat against the direction of travel and for group 1/2 (9-25 kg) place it in the direction of travel.

The car seat is simply and securely fastened with the aid of the passenger seat belt and the Isofix system with which the car seat is attached directly to the chassis. Isofix is ​​an internationally standardized system for fastening child seats in cars. In many new cars there is an isofix system today. The system consists of 2 hooks (attachment points) located between the backrest and the seat of the rear seat.

In terms of safety, the XAdventure Revolution meets all conditions. The car seat is suitable for reverse transport and therefore complies with the new requirements. In addition, the seat has a 5-point safety belt with comfortable belt protector and large side cushions that provide optimum protection in the event of a side impact.
For optimal comfort, the car seat can be adjusted in 4 different sitting and lying positions, including a comfortable sleeping position. The adjustable headrest provides extra support to the head, and the seat reducer ensures that the car seat grows with your child.

- Group 0/1/2 car seat (0-25 kg, 0 to about 6 years)
- Suitable from birth to 6 years
- Seat can turn for easy entry and exit
- 360 ° rotating seat
- 4 different seating and lying positions
- In the group 0 phase you place the car seat against the driving direction
- In the 1/2 phase group you place the car seat with the driving direction
- Mounting with Isofix system or safety belt car (if attached with the car seat belt the 360 ​​° turn function can not be used)
- Optimum lateral protection
- 5-point safety belt
- Adjustable headrest
- Comfortable belt cushions
- Includes comfortable reduction cushion, to be used from birth
- Approved according to ECE R44 / 04 standard
- Upholstery: 100% Polyester
- Upholstery removable and washable at 30 ° C
- Dimensions (LxWxH): 80 x 52 x 80 cm (as gr.0 version)
- Weight: 12.8 kg
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